Websites Developed

Websites Developed

In the past 7 years we have developed over 175 websites for a variety of businesses and people:

  • attorney
  • chiropractor
  • psychotherapist
  • artist
  • photographer
  • vacation homes
  • radio talk show
  • DJ
  • auto detailing
  • massage
  • community college board of trustees candidate
  • golf pro
  • professional basketball team

  • dentist
  • hair salon
  • carpet/flooring company
  • auto detailing
  • auto repair
  • landscaping
  • pet grooming
  • land surveyor
  • acupuncturist
  • real estate investment company
  • plant nursery
  • musician
  • etc.

Here are some website development examples along with comments:

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Denver Granite & Remodeling: "Larry, just wanted to tell you how pleasant is was working with you on our new website. I appreciate you patience with us taking so long to respond some days. The webpage looks great and has already attracted two new customers. I will refer anyone I know in need of website design. Thanks again." Shane

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Castle Rock Deck & Fence: "After trying to build my own website, I knew I needed a professional to help my business grow and Larry did a great job bringing my ideas to life. The process was easy and now my website will make my business grow." Stephen

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Carlsbad Chiropractic: "Larry did a GREAT job on my website! I absolutely love it!!!! There were times where I was stuck on what I wanted to do and Larry made a few suggestions. He showed me what he could do and it worked well. Nowadays a business really needs a website. I am very pleased with Larry's work and would recommend his talents to anyone. Thank you!"

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Las Palmas Bed & Breakfast: "I have always appreciated professionalism and Larry is the consummate professional. After wasting weeks with another web designer and getting nowhere, I found Larry and we were off and running. His ideas were spot on, his guidance was most welcome and the speed with which the site all came together was amazing. The final result was an eye pleasing, easily navigable site that is sure to improve our business. Larry, you da man!" Thanks, Steve

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Boulder Bay Chalet (Big Bear Lakefront Rental Home):
"After going through 3 web designers with high prices that never got the website working, Larry came in and saved the day. With very little instruction he came up with a beautiful efficient site that is easy to look through and inviting to book reservations with. We appreciate the hard work and creative design Larry put into our site. If you would like to check out his work go to see how a great web designer gets the job done!"

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development

Bruce Robinson's Singing Testimonial to Larry Wade & Wade Websites

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development
Johnny "V" Vernazza - Legendary Blues & Slide Guitarist: "I contacted Wade Websites through the company that hosted my old site. Larry not only gave me what I wanted, but in a very short time frame. Being a musician I have certain artistic ideas that are often hard to explain to others. Larry had no problem transposing my thoughts, not only in an artistic sense, but in a practical sense. My site is as easy to navigate as it is pleasing to the eye, and that is very important to my business. I am looking forward to a long business relationship with Wade Websites as well as recommending him to friends and colleagues alike." - Johnny "V" Vernazza

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Dentist:

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Orthopedic and Athletic Chiropractors: "I am very happy with my website. Larry was great - easy to work with, very knowledgeable, and had great advice. He built the website that I envisioned. Thanks Larry." - Frank Amato, DC, DABCO

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Ian Beckingham - Chiropractor: "Larry has been great to work with. He has been very patient with me and my requests. The site was delivered fast and changes were made promptly. He worked within my budget and I would use him again."

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development DJ Don Juan: "Larry did a phenomenal job on my DJ site. His prompt, courteous and professional ethic made him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend anyone who wants a great site tailored to his or her needs to call Larry! "

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Roblees Carpet and Flooring (Carpet and Flooring Company): "We are so happy with the website Larry created for our business. Larry just took off on his own to create a site for us that we were at a total loss as to what we should do and to our pleasure the site was up and running in no time. Larry's expertise and professionalism really shines through, he is a man of integrity. I have already recommended Larry to another business associate and would readily recommend him to anyone who needs a quality website in a timely manor. Thanks Larry."

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Antler's Lodge (Big Bear Luxury Cabin): "Larry did an excellent job in putting our website together. We asked him if he could add our virtual tour which he managed to do no problem. Larry was extremely efficient and we can highly recommend him for your personal or commercial website needs." Nick and Siobhan

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Twin Oaks Ranch (Wholesale Palm and Plant Nursery): "Larry did a fantastic job of turning ideas for my website into a professional, polished product. His guidance and insight were crucial in developing a sensible layout. We had a large amount of information that needed to be presented in a logical manner. This was all done in a prompt and timely fashion. Because the images play such a critical part of my website, Larry's patience in selecting the best images really paid off! Just check out my website and you'll see."

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Creative Landscape Design & Construction (Landscape Design & Construction Company): "Wow. Looks great. I am so happy our paths crossed. I'll never have anyone else work on the site. Thanks for taking care of all that godaddy stuff as well. I would have been lost without your help. I hope to send some business your way in the near future."

Wade Websites, Denver Website Development Ario Landscape (Professional Landscaping): "Larry, thanks for the excellent design and your patience helping me understand the process of the website. I would recommend Larry Wade to anyone that needs a professional website designer."

More Testimonials!

"I couldn't be more pleased with what Larry was able to build for me. In addition to his professionalism he is a man of his word, does more than he sets out to do and does it quickly. I highly recommend him and have already given this same information to my friends and colleagues. I was blessed to find him."
  (Charlavan - Artist/Writer/Speaker/Radio Producer)

"We love our new website! Thank you so much, Larry. It is exactly as we envisioned, a classy showcase for our limousines and service. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are still amazed at how quickly it was up and running. I am sure we will have plenty of additions to the website overtime and it refreshing to work with someone who understands our needs and gets it right the first time. Thanks again."   (Anthony - Limousine Company)

"Wade Websites took on a project quickly, simply and without much input. The results were an attractive, clean, functional site to meet our needs. The response from fans was immediate and they were impressed. Additionally, Larry has matched our upgrade and updating requirements without fanfare in a very timely manner. I would recommend his service to guide any potential small to medium business to help jumpstart operation. Excellent service! "   (Ross - Professional Basketball Team Owner/General Manager )

"Larry did a great job on my web page. He completed the work in a timely manner and was always very responsive to any changes that I requested. I would recommend him to anybody who needs a high quality web page for their business."   (Attorney)

"I must say that I've had nothing but exceptionally fine dealings with Larry Wade from the time I met him. Deadlines were met, and the quality of his work has been superb. The few times we asked for changes, they were carried out quickly and cheerfully. I am very pleased at the outcome of the website and would recommend Larry highly."   (Los Angeles Attorney)

"Larry - I wanted to tell a little story. I got an e-mail this week from the SD Union tribune. They saw my website and wanted to talk to me about doing a story on car detailing. When they googled car washing website must of popped up. Friday the photographer came by to take some pictures of me. In about two weeks there will be an article in the paper about car detailing. Its called Ask The Pro. Kind of a wild story."   (Greg - Auto Detailing Company)

"Larry, WOW! I would like to share my sincere appreciation for your great assistance with my new website. With this new website, it has now catapulted me into the Business Market, and actually have received a few calls from potential clients living in other cities. So already the impact has been significant! I am constantly given compliments from friends, business partners and associates. Your price was extremely fair, and your timing was unprecedented. You have a gift on the computer, and has been proven to me with no hesitation. I have already recommended you, and hope that they soon call you. I will stay in touch for any of my future entrepreneurial missions. "
  (Justin - Professional Land Surveying Consultant)

"Larry was an absolute pleasure to work with: quick to respond, easy to understand, willing to try different things and very creative. Not only was preparing my website affordable, but the final product is clear, well-designed and easy to use. I would recommend Larry to anyone needing an accomplished web designer."   (Annie - Pen & Ink Drawings)

"I recently retained Wade Websites to create a redesign of our model club website. This was done on budget and on time. Larry was a true pleasure to work with, unlike some previous experiences I've had with other web designers. His work exceeded our expectations and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get the job done efficiently and at a good price."   (Jim - Model Airplane Club)

"We got several bids for developing our radio show website which were for several thousand dollars and several months to complete. Larry developed our complete website from scratch in a month. 25 pages including podcasting, playing and storing audio files, banner ads, powerpoint presentations, etc. Fantastic job!"   (Radio Talkshow Host)

"What a professional! Larry has done a great job developing and setting up my half-baked ideas into a workable, professional website. Larry has done this in an extremely reasonable amount of time, and with continued advice and support. The next time I do a website I will have Larry at the helm! He made the process a pleasure! Thanks so much Larry!"   (Chuck - Construction & Renovation Company)

"Larry is hands down the most dependable and fastest working web designer I have ever worked with. I was extremely impressed by his timeliness and overall professionalism. When Larry says something will get done by a certain time, you can take it to the bank! Thank you very much Larry; you exceeded all of my expectations. You are my new go-to guy for everything web related! Thanks again, you are the man!"   (Spencer - Inventor)

"I met Wade through Craigslist advertising. We network and use people from Craigslist sometimes, and I gotta say, Larry had the most follow through of anyone I've dealt with online. He really came through and delivered. We are so happy with our results. Thanks for everything! Wade Websites rules!"
  (Peter - Photographer)

"My name is Elisa and I am a licensed Acupuncturist. Larry Wade responded to an ad that I posted regarding needing a professional website built. Larry instructed me as what steps I needed to take to get the process started. I proceeded and after I sent the necessary files to him he had a website up and going for me almost immediately. It is professional and clean looking. I am very satisfied with the work that was done and timely manner in which it was done. I would recommend Larry to anyone who is looking to have a website built."   (Elisa - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine)

"Larry's variety of creations speak for themselves. He is open minded to any ideas you may have and in our case, we had a general idea, but nothing specific. Larry ran with it. It turned into a website beyond our expectations. More importantly, he is respectful and professional."   (Julie & John - Big Bear Luxury Vacation Home)

"Larry Wade understood exactly what it was that I wanted in a website. He executed the design and function quickly and with perfection. As a visual artist, it is not always easy to convey with words how I want things to look. This is where Larry excels. During the design process, it was almost as if he could read my mind. I got everything that I wanted and more in a site that I am proud to direct traffic to."
  (Dave - Photographer)

"I was very impressed with the website that Larry designed for me and the speed in which he was able to get me up and running. The only delays were due to me and once I provided the information needed, Larry Wade had me up going within a very short period of time. I highly recommend Wade Websites."
  (Malcolm D. Gross, Esq. - Attorney)

"I am not computer savvy - in any way - so when I contacted Larry and discussed my vision with him, which at the time I wasn't clear on myself, he knew exactly what I wanted. He was patient as my many emails came through "asking for this" or "to change that". His pricing is more than reasonable and the fact that he is willing to let me build my website a few pages at a time is wonderful! My industry is based on visual so having a website that is easy to navigate as well as attractive was crucial and Larry achieved that for my salon - thank you Larry!"
  (Tanya - Salon Owner)

"I own a small window washing company and was looking to put up a website. Contacted Larry and he blew away all expectations and really went out of his way to complete the website in an amazingly short period of time. The complete website is more than I could have asked for. Larry filled in all my blanks. I will always recommend Larry when friends or acquaintances are looking for a website. Thanks Larry!! "   (Sean - Window washing company)

" Larry did a great job on my website! He was quick and creative and very helpful and patient. He made things extremely easy and I am thrilled with the results! I would recommend him many times over. "   (Sarita - Hair Salon)

"Larry Wade understood exactly what I wanted and needed in the way of a website that would serve the needs of a part-time vacation rental. It was amazing how quickly he got it up and running and answered all of my questions as well as gave me numerous tips on what would and wouldn't work well. We couldn't be happier with it. Thanks, Larry."   (Kristin - Lake Tahoe vacation home)

"Hi everyone! Mr. Wade is one of the easiest and professional people to work with. I am someone without any imagination and need lots of help. I gave him just one or two requirements and he came back with an almost perfect finished product. He made the few changes to personalize what I needed very quickly. He was very communicative. A very important asset for my needs. I recommend him for your website design 100%. "   (Sherry - Big Bear vacation home)

"We could not be happier with our new site. Larry exceeded our expectations, finished the site quickly and was very patient and professional during the entire process. We have already seen a significant increase in leads obtained from our new property rental website. We are very satisfied. Thank you very much Larry."   (Heath - Kino Bay, Mexico vacation home)

"Larry has done a wonderful job om my website with very little input from me. I did not have a lot of computer know how, It's so refreshing to have someone take very little information from me and make such a perfect website that I couldn't be more pleased with. Larry was fast and always waiting on me to proceed. Thanks a lot larry."   (Matt - Matt's Home Repair & Remodeling)

"As a professional software designer, I know the skill and experience it takes to build a quality website. My nephew Ravi needed a website for his new business. Larry created it, Ravis-Auto-Repair, in one day, an impressive accomplishment."   (Roger - Independent Access database designer & consultant)

"After extensive searching and pricing for web developers, I found Larry to be very responsive and professional in every aspect of the designing process. The followup was great and I am very pleased at the results. The guy is great. Woo Hoo!"   (Brad - Macintosh Service & Support)



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